The Art of Glamping

Image from Glamping Society

Hotel staycations? Nah. Too mainstream. Glamping is the new way to enjoy your public holiday/weekend without breaking the bank. The glamping trend started in 2012, but it really only picked up in the last year or so. More young families and millennials are willing to spend on unique experiences, thus the bump in the trend.

The allure of glamping comes from one’s ability to be in touch with nature without having to forgo the modern luxuries of a well-made bed, air conditioning, and even bathrooms as well (though in Singapore, glamping operators have yet to offer private bathrooms for their guests). Additionally, one doesn’t have to partake in the dirty work – pitching a tent, setting up the air mattresses and preparing some snacks for the stay. With glamping, you simply turn up at the glamping site where everything has been prepared beforehand. Simply sit yourself in a comfy deck chair with a cold brewed sparkling tea in hand, and enjoy the crashing of the waves as you slowly drift off into dreamland.

After your well deserved nap, you can choose to prepare your own barbequed dinner at the pit nearby, or opt for a picnic dinner setup arranged by the glamping operator. With the sun setting and the temperature dropping slightly, enjoy your dinner with a glass of wine or, for those preferring a non-alcoholic version, cold brewed sparkling tea. Heh! A delicious picnic setup is the perfect accompaniment with the beautiful views of the beach as the night begins.

Image from Glamping Society

Glamping service providers have also jumped on the bespoke bandwagon with operators offering add ons to their basic bell tent packages. From romantic packages to custom outdoor decorative set ups, the sky’s the limit to how elaborate you want your glamping getaway to be. All in all, whether you opt for a romantic setup with a few simple floral decorations, or dress the tent up with more extravagant decorations inspired by popular movies like Harry Potter, or The Great Gatsby, glamping is sure to make your short getaway a most memorable experience.