Oops, I’ve Ginned! Staycation at Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore

Looking for a short escape but reluctant to travel too far for it? Well, we’ve got you covered. We received a special invite from Oakwood Premier OUE Singapore to get an exclusive look into their Oops I’ve Ginned! Staycation which we think is the perfect getaway for that much needed break!

As the name suggests, this staycation invites all gin and cocktail enthusiasts to embark on a gin-tastic journey! For $380++ a night, guests get a 1 night stay in a luxurious one-bedroom apartment, complete with a kitchen/dining area and living area, a DIY Cocktail Kit, guided tour of Brass Lion Distillery and complimentary breakfast for 2.

Upon check-in, guests will be greeted with a DIY Cocktail Kit featuring our best-selling Pearl of The Orient with Lychee Botanically Cold BrewedTM Sparkling Tea, a full bottle of Brass Lion Distillery’s Singapore Dry Gin and cocktail ingredients for 2. Feel free to follow the instructions to make your very own Oops I’ve Ginned cocktail, or change it up to make it your own 😉 What’s more, you can take home the full bottle of Singapore Dry Gin to enjoy alone or with other ingredients as well!

Pro tip: You can purchase our sparkling teas from our online store or NTUC Finest supermarkets to make more of the Oops, I’ve Ginned! Cocktail at home!

Another perk of the Oops I’ve Ginned! Staycation is the exclusive free guided tour of Brass Lion Distillery on Saturday evenings, where you take a behind-the-scenes look at how gin is made. Now that’s something you wouldn’t experience every day!

After a good night’s rest, wake up to the modern cityscape around you, and make yourself a cup of tea from our sister brand – Monogram, as you get ready for the day’s activities. There are several flavours of Monogram tea available in-room. You can enjoy them as individual teabags, or as we prefer it, layer 1 tea and 1 herb together for the perfect cup. Psst…our Morning EnglishTM pairs perfectly Rose of ArianaTM !

Head to the 7th floor for breakfast at SE7ENTH restaurant. Browse the selection of local and European dishes available for breakfast, and feast to your heart’s content.

For those who prefer a workout before having breakfast, make a trip to the Fitness Centre by Oakwood for a quick workout, or take a morning swim at the outdoor infinity pool.

Now, what are you waiting for? Book yourself a room, make yourself a drink, and let this luxurious staycation take your worries away!