#FindYourGTCo at Pacamara


With whitewashed walls, simple wooden fixtures and floor to ceiling windows, Pacamara makes use of natural sunlight to give the space a bright and airy feeling. Visiting on a warm Wednesday afternoon, we were pleased to find this cool respite from the harsh afternoon sun at Pacamara.

Pacamara has been around since 2014 and was brought in by the now defunct OZ Coffee Roasters and their Thai partner – Pacamara Coffee Roasters. Over the years, the café has gained a reputation as one of the cafes to visit in the Upper Thomson area for good coffee, and for a great space to get work done too. The café has free wifi and is usually quieter during non-peak hours so you can do your work in peace. The only caveat is that they don’t have power points for charging your electronic devices. So be prepared to go to the café with your computer and phones fully charged.

One thing you might not know about Pacamara is that the space is great for events too! You can book out a space for corporate gatherings and parties with friends. The entire café can fit 60 people, but you can also book the long communal table in the centre of the café that can fit about 13 people. So the next time you want to celebrate a birthday or a colleague’s farewell, you can consider booking out a small space in Pacamara to do so!

And of course, what café survives without good food? We’ve heard their popular mains include Eggs Benedict and Chorizo and Potatoes, but we decided to try their Blueberry Pancakes instead. The pancakes came decadently decorated with berries, ice cream, walnuts and maple syrup. The texture of the pancakes was dense and heavy but still pretty tasty. The berries were tart and balanced out the sweetness from the pancakes and ice cream.

After having those pancakes, we needed to get something to drink, and washed it down with our Osmanthus with Passsionfruit sparkling tea. The sparkling tea was not too sweet and provided a refreshing boost to fight our mid-afternoon sleepiness.

Overall, we enjoyed visiting Pacamara and recommend this café if you want a bright, open, yet quiet space to spend your afternoon reading, hanging out with friends or getting some work done. An added bonus is that you’ll get the chance to enjoy our sparkling teas too 😉



185 Upper Thomson Road

Singapore 574333

Open daily:

Mondays – Sunday   9am – 10pm