#findyourGTCO at Apiary

Welcome to our new series #findyourgtco ! Each month we will highlight a cafe or restaurant where you can find our sparkling teas and try new food too. This month, we speak to Apiary about new flavours and new ventures!

Smooth, rich, creamy scoops of ice cream – just a few words to describe the delectable offerings at Apiary. They have 50 flavours of ice cream featured on a rotational basis and are launching 5 new flavours this month! Each batch of ice cream is lovingly made by hand and in small batches with the freshest ingredients daily, ensuring that their ice cream is of the best quality. They also serve homemade waffles and brownies to complement the ice creams and a slew of beverages including our sparkling teas.

Here’s an inside scoop into the 5 new flavours launching this month 😉

Cold Brew Coffee

Made from coffee beans from local roaster 2Degrees North Coffee.


This beautiful shade of purple comes from the lavender and black goji berries infused into the ice cream.

Vegan Peanut Butter

There are 2 main components for this flavour – vegan peanut butter made by Nutculture, and soy milk. It sounds healthy but rest assured, this ice cream is as tasty as it is healthy.


Imagine fresh pandan leaves infused into Apiary’s ever popular coconut ice cream. The best of both worlds!

Lychee and Yuzu

The only sorbet launching this month. A refreshing treat if you prefer something fruity and citrusy.

Other than these 5 new flavours, the owners behind Apiary will be opening their very own bean-to-bar chocolate concept on the second floor of Apiary’s space in May!

Called Gatherer Chocolate, this bean-to-bar concept was borne out of the owner’s passion for creating and sharing his love of chocolate with the community. The second floor space features a small bar area that will open on weekdays and weekends for a great place to chill and enjoy some great chocolate! The space also gives guests an open view into the chocolate development kitchen – where the magic happens!

We took a mini tour of the kitchen and the chocolate making process and even had the privilege to try some of the chocolates that will be in their seminal launch. The range consists of single origin chocolate from Ecuador, Peru, Madagascar, Tanzania and the Dominican Republic in milk, dark, and infused flavours and, boy were they delicious! We are definitely looking forward to their official opening in May when we can see the chocolate bar in action!

So, if you are in the area or work in Tanjong Pagar, make sure to stop by Apiary for some seriously addictive ice cream and sparkling teas 😉


84 Neil Road

Sunday-Thursday: 12:00pm – 10:00pm

Friday, Saturday:    12:00pm – 11:00pm

Gatherer Chocolate

(opening hours TBC)