Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea Cocktail Trial

Final shot of all 5 drinks!

In case you haven’t heard, our Botanically Cold Brewed Sparkling Teas make great cocktails!

Here’s what went down behind the scenes when our team at Gryphon did a cocktail recipe testing session with our cold brew variants. Glasses, measuring cups, and fruits and herbs were strewn all over the place at the end of the day after various rounds of taste tests and styled shots of the cocktails.

First, we amassed a significant collection of different alcohols and a basket of fresh fruits and herbs. Then, the team played around with different fruit and alcohol combinations to complement the cold brews. It was no mean feat narrowing down which type of alcohol would best enhance the flavours of the cold brews, and pairing them with fresh fruits and herbs. But we did it! Yay!

Amidst the flurry of activity, we also managed to capture an impromptu product shot as well. We think it looks pretty good. Don’t you?

Our efforts finally paid off with the beautiful images that came out of our full day session. We now leave you with one last photo of one of the successful recipes we created – Passionate Lover.

Made with our Osmanthus Sencha with Passionfruit Cold Brewed Sparkling Tea, and infused with sake, white peach cubes and peach juice. This cocktail was voted favourite by everyone in the team. The peach added a subtle yet sweet flavour profile to the sake and cold brew, making this drink a pleasurable one for all.