A How-to-Guide on Hosting Your Very First Christmas Party

Image of cocktails from Pixabay

Quality get togethers don’t make themselves, we create them. And what better opportunity to do so but to host your very first Christmas party.

We know that hosting a party can seem daunting especially if it’s your first time doing it, so here’s a little party checklist to get you started on the right track.

1. Stock your fridge and bar cart well
The best setup is a neat one that lets you do a few things well. Make sure you have ample drinks stocked up in your fridge because a well curated inventory can never go wrong. We love Gryphon’s Pearl Of The Orient with Lychee – a blend boasting flavours of Jasmine green tea with luscious Moroccan Rose and sweet tropical Lychee. Crafted from fine picked leaves, this Botanically Cold Brewed™ Sparkling Tea is sure to be a hit at any party!

And what’s a party with no alcohol?

We suggest a solid toolkit so equip yourself well with a nice copper cocktail shaker, a strainer, fresh citruses, a peeler and a sharpened paring knife to keep those wedges and twists looking nice and crisp.

Need a cocktail recipe? Look no further. Here you go. Link to our cocktail recipes.

You are welcome! 😊

Image of cocktails from GTCo.

2. Feed your guests and serve your dinner family style
What’s better than everyone gathering around your table and sharing plate after plate of delicious food. Let your guests help themselves to the food and you can sit back, relax and enjoy the company.

3. Play the host
Embrace the role, create topics and conversations and get everyone involved. Make sure to do proper introductions and rope in additional help to entertain when you need to get busy in the kitchen. The most important thing to note as a host – DO NOT GET WASTED!

4. Décor
The atmosphere sets the stage. Transform your space with fresh flowers, scented candles, and a pretty tablecloth or table runner. Colourful throw pillows and fluffy blankets all combine to create a comfortable and intimate environment. Throw in some gold jumbo alphabet balloons saying MERRY CHRISTMAS too for a festive touch!

Image of table setting from Jessannkirby.com

5. Get your playlist right
A good playlist gets people started for the evening. Remember, nothing kills a party like a bad selection of tunes. Get it right and you’ll ace the evening. Amp up your playlist with groovy tunes as the night progresses.

6. Get the temperature right
Sounds pedantic but trust me, you want your guests to feel comfortable (especially after all the alcohol they’ve ingested). Make sure to turn on the air-conditioner for optimum happiness!

7. Don’t rule out party games
Party games are the best way to liven up a lagging crowd. We love charades as it’s guaranteed to get the most hilarious of situations and laughter!

8. Thoughtful details
Don’t leave out the small details. Have a print out of the evening’s menu so your guests can anticipate what’s coming. Leave little Christmas favours that guests will actually enjoy later such as a tea specially customised for your guests. Check out Monogram’s selection here.

Image of menu from Inside Wanderer

All of these things, when added up, make for a lovely and memorable event. So, here’s wishing you good luck on your very first Christmas party!